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A&P Shrub Nursery in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek Arizona
Shrubs for Sale at our Nurseries 480-892-7939

Popular shrubs and bushes like the Cat Claw Vines or Red Bush Bougainvillea sit alongside more unique choices like Creeping Fig and Hamelia Paten at our Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek shrub nurseries.

No matter the look you’re going for, we have what you need at A&P Nursery! Our shrubs are grown right here in the East Phoenix Valley. So you know that these shrubs are ready to flourish in our warm Arizona weather!

We Deliver and Plant Bushes and Shrubs!
Shrub and bush delivery is available Monday to Friday.
For shrub planting service details, please inquire at a specific A&P Nursery location.

Browse our collection of shrubs for sale at our nurseries throughout the East Phoenix Valley below, or feel free to drop by one of our shrub nurseries to see what we have to offer.

bi color iris bougainvillea bk box leaf euonymus boxwood beauty natel plum
Bi-Color Iris
Also known as the African Iris, the Bicolor Iris is a low maintenance shrub that blooms with light yellow flowers with dark brown tepal blotches from May to September.
Bougainvillea BK
The Bougainvillea is one of the most popular bushes in Arizona as it grows quickly in full or partial sunlight.
Box Leaf Euonymus
Perfect for a low hedge or border, the Boxleaf Euonymus bush’s dense foliage allows for a formal, well-maintained appearance with minimal trimming.
Boxwood Beauty Natel Plum
With its dark, dense, and glossy foliage occasionally spotted with white flowers, the Boxwood Beauty Natal Plum is ideal for an accent or foundation plant.

bush morning glory canna cape honeysuckle cat claw
Bush Morning Glory
Growing about 2’ tall, the Bush Morning Glory is the perfect annual for gardens with limited space or for growing in containers.
With its large foliage and outstanding flowers, the Canna has become the bright garden plant of choice for many landscape designers.
Cape Honeysuckle
The Cape Honeysuckle bush is a fast-growing evergreen bush that thrives in full or partial sun and blooms with orange flowers.
Cat Claw Vine
Also referred to as the Yellow Trumpet Vine because of its masses of yellow, trumpet-shaped blooms, the Cat’s Claw Vine is great for covering a large wall.

common white oleander creeping fig deer grass cap desert ruellia
Common White Oleander
Because of its height, dark leaves, and evergreen nature, the Common White Oleander is often used for hedges, screens, and even large accents.
Creeping Fig
Often called the Climbing Fig as well, this woody evergreen vine is fast-growing and requires little care outside of pruning.
Deer Grass Cap
A clumping landscape grass, Deer Grass Cap is a hardy grass that survives in full or low sun exposure and displays wheat colored blooms in the fall.
Desert Ruellia
Drought and heat tolerant and adorned with light purple flowers when in bloom, the Desert Ruellia is a popular Phoenix Valley choice.

dwarf bottle brush dwarf myrlte dwarf pink oleander dwarf pittosporum
Dwarf Bottle Brush
The blue-green leaves of the Dwarf Bottlebrush contrasted with its long lasting, deep red blooms make this dwarf bush great for small gardens and small spaces.
Dwarf Myrtle
With lush dark green foliage, this hardy evergreen shrub is widely used for small to medium hedges. The Dwarf Myrtle thrives in full or partial sun.
Dwarf Pink Oleander
If you’re looking for an accent or low hedge bush, consider using the Dwarf Pink Oleander to also add a splash of pink flowers from spring through fall.
Dwarf Pittosporum
At 3’-4’ tall, the Dwarf Pittosporum, or Wheeler’s Dwarf Pittosporum, appears as a compact mound of dark green foliage. It produces no noticeable flowers.

elephant food fountain grass gold lantana green cloud sage
Elephant Food
The Elephant Food bush requires little water and can be trimmed to stand upright with a mature height of 3’ or to spread and trail.
Fountain Grass
Growing to 3’-4’ high, Fountain Grass’ light green foliage is topped with lighter narrow plumes.
Gold Lantana
The butterfly attracting Gold Lantana flowers from spring through the fall and is extremely hardy and heat loving. With its trailing growth it makes a great ground cover or hanging plant.
Green Cloud SageThis medium to large shrub grows fast in full sun. The pink flowers of the Green Cloud Sage are seen in cycles from spring through fall.

green hop seed hamelia paten heavenly cloud sage japanese boxwood
Green Hopseed
This sun-loving shrub can grow to a height of 10’. The slow growing Green Hopseed bush is an ideal xeriscape plant.
Hamelia Paten
Also known as the Firebush, Hummingbird Bush, Scarlet Bush, and Redhead, the Hamelia Paten attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with its orange-red flowers.
Heavenly Cloud Sage
The waves of light purple flowers of the fast-growing Heavenly Cloud Sage are a pleasant combination with its unusual upright growth pattern.
Japanese Boxwood
The evergreen Japanese Boxwood bush’s bright green leaves make it great for use as small to medium hedges or even a foundation shrub.

moroccan mound myoporum orange jubilee pittpsporum varigated
Moroccan Mound
The Moroccan Mound is a succulent that grows between 1-2 feet tall by 4-6 feet wide. It grows quickly in full sun and requires little water.
An evergreen perennial, the Myoporum grows quickly to about 18 inches high and anywhere from 8 to 15 feet around. It is great for use as a ground cover.
Orange Jubilee
All summer and fall you will find large clusters of orange trumpet blooms on the Orange Jubilee bush. This fast-growing plant is beautiful and useful for screens and hedges.
Pittosporum Variegated
The easy care and open, round canopy of the Pittosporum Variegated has led it to become a popular landscape shrub. The foliage is colored green and white.

red blush bounainvillea red fairy duster red hibiscus red lantana
Red Bush Bougainvillea
This member of the hardy, drought resistant bougainvillea family blooms with red flowers several times throughout the year.
Red Fairy Duster
The Red Fairy Duster, or Baja Fairy Duster, is a small/medium desert shrub that has bright red, thin-petal flowers that stay throughout the year.
Red Hibiscus
This large, showy plant likes to have its space to shine! The Red Hibiscus needs plenty of water, and its large flowers bloom over several weeks.
Red Lantana
Adding red flowers year round to your garden or landscape, the Red Lantana bush is extremely hardy and heat loving.

red mexican bird of paradise ruellia brittoniana sandbag jasmine sea green juniper
Red Mexican Bird of Pardise
With blooms from early summer through fall, the very fast growing Red Mexican Bird of Paradise bush is an evergreen shrub that thrives in full sun.
Ruellia Brittoniana
Doing best in the full sun and drought tolerant, the Ruellia Brittoniana blooms with purple flowers. The stems and veins at the bottom of the leaves are also purple.
Sandbag Jasmine
Also referred to as Star Jasmine because of the star-shaped white flowers, Sandbag Jasmine is a hardy, sprawling shrub with lush dark green leaves.
Sea Green Juniper
The sun-loving Sea Green Juniper is one of the hardiest, drought-resilient shrubs around. It serves well as a low growing ground cover.

silver cloud sonoran yellow bell sweet potato vine texas sage compacta
Silver Cloud
Named for its bright silver foliage, the Silver Cloud Sage is a medium-sized shrub that enjoys full sun exposure and blooms from summer to fall with dark purple flowers.
Sonoran Yellow Bell
This fast growing shrub can reach 6-12 feet and thrives with full sun exposure. It is a hardy desert plant that blooms from spring through fall.
Sweet Potato Vine
The Sweet Potato Vine is a great addition to any garden. In addition to the sweet potatoes, it also offers colorful purple foliage to accent your garden.
Texas Sage Compacta
Hailing from Texas and loving the full sun exposure of its home, the Texas Sage Compacta can grow to 6-8 feet and blooms with lavender to purple flowers from spring through fall.

torch glow bougainvillea trailing rosemary valentine emu bush white trailing lantana
Torch Glow Bougainvillea
member of the hardy, drought resistant and popular bougainvillea, the Torch Glow Bougainvillea blooms with pink flowers atop upright branches.
Trailing Rosemary
The foliage of the sprawling, hardy Trailing Rosemary bush is not only useful for cooking and potpourri, but as an appealing addition to a garden because of its grey-green color and bright blue flowers.
Valentine Emu Bush
Sun friendly and cold hardy, the evergreen Valentine Emu Bush blooms abundantly with red flowers in late winter until early spring.
White Trailing Lantana
This member of the Lantana family differentiates itself from the other hardy, heat loving lantana shrubs with its year-round white flowers.

wide leaf cassia yaupon yellow mexican bird of paradise yellow oleander
Wide Leaf Cassia
Heat tolerant, hardy, and evergreen, the Wide Leaf Cassia is a desert plant that can grow up to 6 feet tall with a 6 foot spread.
Yaupon Holly
Sometimes considered a small tree rather than an evergreen shrub, the Yaupon Holly plant can be trained to remain small and produces bright red berries.
Yellow Mexican Bird of Paradise
The very fast growing Yellow Mexican Bird of Paradise differs from its sibling, the Red Mexican Bird of Paradise, by blooming with yellow flowers.
Yellow Oleander
Similar to the Common White Oleander, the Yellow Oleander’s dark leaves and evergreen foliage is useful for hedges, screens, and large accents. It blooms with yellow flowers.