Garden Planting Schedule For When & What To Plant In Mesa, AZ

best garden planting schedule mesa arizona

Mesa Arizona’s climate is a lot different than other parts of the United States so of course that means that their garden planting schedules also differ. Unlike other places, gardeners in Mesa can grow things all year long but the best time of the season to plant things in Mesa is November through March. Yes, while others are building snow men, we are planting our gardens.

Planting Schedules In Mesa, AZ

See below to find out the best planting schedule for plant and each season.

Annuals Planting Schedule

Annuals can be planted Oct through Apr

Citrus Trees Planting Schedule

Citrus trees can be planted in the fall or the spring

Bare Root Roses Planting Schedule

Bare root roses can be planted Jan through Feb (Short Window of Opportunity)

Vegetable Planting Schedule

Vegetables can be planted Mid-September through March

Bulbs Planting Schedule

Iris and Daffodil bulbs grow best when planted in November

Best Planting Seasons In Mesa

There are 2 primary planting seasons in Mesa, AZ (Spring & Fall)

Best Harvest Times

Harvest times are best in Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec. Also, if you cover your plants from frost you can still harvest veggies in Feb & Mar.

Cold Season Vegetables

In the cool season you can plant cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, peas, onions, potato and radish can be planted in the middle of September.

Warmer Season Vegetables

In the warm season you can plant cucumbers, green beans, pepper, melons, pumpkin, sweet corn, squash and tomatoes (but they have to be covered planted early, grow best if planted in February). Most gardeners in Mesa plant their warmer season vegetables in the middle of February. Plant green beans same time as sweet peas and cover if there is frost.

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