Growing Succulents Indoors In Phoenix


Many Phoenix residents live in apartments and urban areas with little space for a garden. Houseplants are a good way to bring the benefits of a living plant into your home, but many people struggle to remember watering as often as they should. Growing succulents indoors in Phoenix is a much easier undertaking, and they are visually amazing.

In nature succulents are naturally drought resistant due to the thick stems, fleshy leaves, and well developed root systems. This means they can absolutely horde water. This makes them perfect for indoor plants as they don’t need as much attention. One succulent everyone is intimately aware of are cacti. However cacti are just one example of succulents. The wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors is near limitless.

The succulent’s shapes are dramatic, otherworldly, and add unique appeal to any room of your home. Take a moment and learn how caring for one of these beauties can be simple and rewarding.

What Makes Growing Succulents Indoors Great?

The air inside our homes is naturally drier than outside. This fact makes it hard for most traditional houseplants to thrive. Succulents originate from areas of the world that are naturally dry. This makes them naturally better at surviving in dry environments, without showing signs of distress.

Choosing Indoor Succulent Containers

When choosing your container for your succulent your number 1 concern is drainage. The pot needs to have drainage holes so that water does not linger too long and rot the root system. Some choose to use non glazed pots for this very reason to help ensure proper drainage. Because some water is invariably going to find its way out of these drainage holes, get a drainage saucer to catch this water. No one likes having to mop up after a plant.

Indoor Succulent Soil

Like most desert plants succulents enjoy well draining, sandy soil. For the pots you plant your indoor succulents in you will want to duplicate that mix. This can be done by blending half potting soil with half sand. To make sure you have the right mix wet the soil and then squeeze it in your hand. If it falls apart you’ve got the right mix. If it holds together like playdough you need more sand.

Fertilizing Indoor Succulents

Much like most other plants succulents see the most significant growth in the spring and summer. Fertilize your succulents 3 to 4 times during the course of the spring and summer. Standard houseplant fertilizer is fine, but make sure you only use about half as much with your succulent plants. During the fall and winter the indoor succulent does not need to be fertilized as their growth has either slowed or stopped completely.

Indoor Succulent Light

The majority of succulents want the sunlight. Give them as much light as you can by placing them at a south or east facing window. During the warmer months succulents can be placed outside. Just ensure that they have a protected location from sudden downpours. Each succulent has a preferred amount of sunlight they prefer per day, take note as you are buying each type to ensure you get the best light.

Watering Indoor Succulents

While under watering is one of the common houseplant killers, over watering is the killer of indoor succulents. Succulents are a category of plants defined by their structural ability to collect and store water. Watering them too much causes root rot and can lead to their demise.

Your goal with indoor succulent watering is to provide just enough water that they are not withering. A visual clue that you need to water is the appearance of the leaves goes from a nice shine to a dull look. If the leaves start to pucker or shrink it is time to test the soil’s moisture. Place one of your fingers directly into the soil and put it 2 knuckles deep. If it is dry all the way down it is time to provide some water.

Put enough water that you can see that it is coming out of the drainage holes, and coming into the saucer. Before bed, just make sure that your drainage saucer is emptied so that the soil can dry completely. It is normal and healthy for the soil to dry out between waterings.

Indoor Succulent Nursery East Phoenix Valley

A&P Nursery has 4 locations in the East Phoenix Valley for all of your indoor succulent needs. We have the pots, plants, fertilizer and knowledge about how to best grow each of the different varieties of succulent plants in your Phoenix home. Stop by one of our 4 locations to get started with your indoor succulent garden.


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