Lawn Care Tips For Arizona

Lawn Care Tips For Arizona

If you are searching “Lawn Care Tips For Arizona” you might have just moved to the state or you got your first home.  Keeping your lawn looking great takes a little preparation, good watering, and a bit of work.  The heat of Arizona means that you will need to adjust your watering depending on the season and step up your lawn mowing schedule. Being ready for caring for your lawn starts with having your lawn mower serviced or lawn mower repaired. When your tools are in good condition it makes lawn care easier, faster, and a lot less frustrating.

Lawn Mowing

Most lawn mowers have height adjustments and it is tempting to lower it as low as possible to try to cut down on the frequency of having to mow, this isn’t a best practice. When you cut your lawn too short you are “scalping” your lawn. While you don’t want long unkempt lawn you should avoid cutting it too short as it will require more water the shorter it is.

Lawn Mowing Heights

There are three common types of grass used in Arizona lawns: Hybrid Bermuda, Bermuda, and Annual/Pernennial Rye.  Both Bermuda and Rye grass should be cut to between a inch and a half to two inches.  Hybrid Bermuda grass can be cut shorter and should be cut between a half an inch to 1 inch.

Lawn Care by the Seasons

Each season has different challenges from the heat of summer to the leaves and debris of fall and winter. Read more below to get specific information for each of the 4 seasons.

Spring Lawn Care

In the spring it is a good plan to apply any weed control or fertilizer that you will want to use. These products help keep weeds out of your lawn and promote greener more lush lawns.  Watering in the mild season of spring should be done to avoid any brown spots but not over done to avoid wasted water.

Summer Lawn Care

In Arizona, especially in the Phoenix Valley, summer is hot. The intense heat and arid climate can be hard on lawns and will require daily watering. The best time to water is just before sunrise in the morning so your lawn has the moisture it needs.  Use a soil probe to measure the moisture after watering.  If it doesn’t go 10 inches into the soil easily increase the duration of watering.

Fall Lawn Care

Once the summer heat has subsided you can cut back your watering and use your probe to make sure you are watering enough. It will vary depending on the heat and the type of soil in your landscape. Use the same rule of 10 inches of moisture and adjust your watering frequency and duration to meet your lawns needs.

Winter Lawn Care

To keep lawns lush and green through the winter it is common in Arizona to “overseed” lawns.  From parks to golf courses and residences overseeding is a common practice to keep the lawn dense and lush.  During winter and the cooler months you will be able to cut watering frequency and duration back even more. Use your soil probe to monitor the moisture in your lawn’s soil to keep track of how you are doing.

Lawn Care Equipment & Repair

If you live in the Phoenix valley A&P Nursery sells, services, and repairs lawn mowers, lawn care equipment, and all other types of motorized landscaping equipment.  We can tune up your lawn mower, repair it if it is broken, or even sell you a brand new easier to use lawn mower. Whatever your needs we can help you take care of your lawn more easily and help you choose the fertilizers that will help you keep it green all year long.

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