Perennial Flowers Arizona

Perennial Flowers Arizona

Gardeners love perennial flowers in Arizona for a lot of reasons. There are hundreds of variations and types of perennials. They come in a wide variety of foliage types, flower colors, forms, and come with different environmental requirements. Perennials bloom for different amounts of time. Some only bloom for about a week, while others will bloom for over a month. This is a great way to give a huge blaze of color to your garden. But many times perennials are added to landscapes purely for their beautiful foliage.

What Does Perennial Mean?

A perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years, or more. Shrubs fit this definition but are not usually technically classified as a perennial. This is because the majority of perennials are non wooded, and shrubs generally are. The majority of perennials are herbaceous. This means that the section of the plant that is above ground dies each year and decays into the soil’s surface. The root system is the anchor of the perennial and what brings it back each spring.

Why Plant Perennial Flowers?

There are number of benefits in planting perennial flowers and plants. Trees and shrubs are usually the larger more prominent features in landscaping. Perennials are the filler and ground level interest in any landscaping design. Annual flowers need to be replanted each year, while perennials can live for many years with the proper care. This means a reduced workload to keep the garden up. The root system doesn’t just help keep the plant coming back every year, but it makes the perennials hardier. This means not only do perennials tolerate dry spells better, but because their root system is more developed they help prevent erosion.

Planting Instructions For Perennial Flowers
Perennial Flower Soil Preparation Arizona

Location – Because perennial is a general term each type of perennial plant will need a different type of location to thrive. Some perennials like primroses require plenty of shade and deep loamy soils. Other perennials won’t survive without full sun. When designing your landscaping approach consider each location and select the plants that will do well in those areas.

Preparing the soil – Perennials require more through soil preparation than many other types of gardening projects. With annuals and product gardens the soil is prepared each planting cycle and you can add organic matter at these times. Perennials are love because they last longer than a couple of years. Attention must be paid to ensure that you start with a well mulched soil, to provide the needed nutrients. Loamy soils are the best in these applications because they drain well but retain the moisture needed by the plants.

Depending on the plant the addition of compost can also be advantageous. There are perennials that do not tolerate the rich nutrients compost adds to the soil. So consult your local Arizona nursery for more information about the individual plants you’ve chosen or want to purchase.

Types Of Perennial Flowers For Arizona

The southwest presents different challenges and environments for gardeners. Given the hot summers and typically drier weather some plants just simply do better in Arizona. Here are some of the favorite perennials that do well in our desert conditions.

Datura Perennial Flower Arizona
– The Datura is a native type of wildflower to the southwest. It blooms all summer long and tends to sprawl as wide as it can. This can fill up the ground areas and make garden beds look complete. As beautiful as this perennial is, care must be taken with small children and animals as all of the plant poisonous.

Salvia Perennial Flower Arizona
– A great companion for Datura is Salvia. The blooms appear in spikes and come in a bunch of colors. These are a favorite plant for butterflies and hummingbirds and are drought and heat resistant. This makes the Salvia a easy win, especially for the beginner gardener.

Penstemon Perennial Flower Arizona
– Penstemon is one of the toughest perennials available. In addition to also drawing in hummingbirds and butterflies Penstemon can be a great flower to add to a custom or homemade arrangement.

Primrose Perennial Flower Arizona
– The contrast between the sunny yellow blossoms and the darker evergreen foliage makes the Primrose a favorite perennial for the Arizona gardener. Primrose also is a low growing type of perennial. This makes it a great choice for ground cover for those hot and sunny areas.

Arizona Perennial Flower Nursery

The best place for any gardening project to begin is with the experts. Arizona nurseries have everything you need to get your gardening project underway and know how to help you get your perennials started the right way. A&P Nursery has locations in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queens Creek Arizona and is happy to help you get get started. Call or visit today!