Pallet Gardening in Arizona

Pallet Gardening in Arizona

Lots of Arizona residents love gardening and reusing pallets in creative ways.  Used pallets are inexpensive, easy to find, inexpensive, and make a great place to grow flowers or succulents.  Pallet gardens are especially useful when living in apartments in large cities like Phoenix.  The vertical pallet garden can be stood up against a patio wall and get plenty of sun and fresh air.

Pallet Planter Types

There are two main types of pallet planters, those that are standing on end, and those that are laying down on the ground. The construction of each is quite different, as is the area you will use and display your garden.

Vertical Pallet Planter

Vertical Pallet Planter ArizonaVertical pallet planters are great for smaller patio areas. They provide enough space for the soil to sit securely between the slats and don’t take up much room on your patio. Having a place to grow flowers or decorative plants while living in apartments, makes for a nice touch of life, green, and color when your plants are growing or in bloom.

Horizontal Pallet Planter

Horizontal Pallet Planter ArizonaHorizontal pallet planters are designed to be similar to a raised garden bed. They are covered on the bottom and sides to hold the soil inside and allow plants to grow through the gaps in the wood, or slats. This can be a great option for people who want to be able to move their garden.

How to Build A Vertical Pallet Garden

There are 6 easy steps to building your vertical pallet garden. They are: getting your pallet, collecting gardening supplies, preparing your pallet, stapling on your landscaping fabric, planting your favorite flowers or succulents, and then enjoying your pallet garden.

Get Your Pallet

Getting your pallet can be as easy as placing a call to a couple local warehouses or buying an inexpensive pallet.  Even local nurseries sometimes have used pallets laying around that they need to get rid of. It’s a good idea to pick a pallet that hasn’t been used to transport any chemicals that might hinder the growth of your plants.

Get The Supplies

In addition to the pallet you will need a couple large bags of potting soil, a small roll of landscaping fabric, the flowers or succulents you would like to grow, sandpaper, a staple gun and staples. You can find all of these items at local hardware stores. Some popular plants that people put in their pallet gardens are annual flowers, or succulents.

Prepare The Pallet

While you are sure to have picked a great pallet any nails that are sticking out, rough spots, or areas that might stick someone should be removed and sanded to be safe.  Smooth out any dangerous spots with your sandpaper and use a hammer to remove any nails that might be sticking out.

Attach Your Landscaping Fabric

To hold the dirt in the back and sides you are going to cover them with the landscaping fabric. Flip your pallet so it is facing down and cover the entire back by rolling out your landscaping fabric. If your cover looks thin or your want to have your pallet garden last the longest it can, cover it twice. Make sure to cover the bottom, back, and sides of your pallet with the landscaping fabric. Staple it all into place by setting staples every 2 inches.

Inspect your staples twice and ensure that you have staples everywhere possible to help contain the dirt and make your pallet garden more robust.

Plant Your Flowers & Succulents

Flip your pallet garden over so the cover is facing down and begin by emptying your first bag of potting soil onto the pallet. Push the soil through the gaps in the slats and spread it out with a trowel. Repeat the process with your second bag of potting soil and make sure it is nice and tight. Once your soil is in place you can plant the flowers or succulents you have bought. After everything is planted and secure you and have a friend help you stand the garden up on its end. Make sure the direction you choose to stand it up isn’t open on the edge.

Enjoy Your Pallet Garden

Once the pallet garden is stood up at a safe angle you will be able to enjoy the color and sight of the flowers and succulents you have chose to grow. Having the extra splash of interest and color is fun to show off to friends and guests and simply a welcome touch of life in any residential setting.

Pallet Gardening Nurseries

If you want to build your own pallet garden A&P Nursery has you covered with the best plants, tools, and materials you will need to get started.  We have a great selection of bedding plants, succulents, and annual flowers that will add the color and beauty you are craving. If you have questions about the variety we carry you can call, or to see the full selection of plants, tools, and materials stop by one of our 4 locations.

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